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Marble & granite wax stripper

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Pack size : 1 Liter (Marble & granite wax stripper)

Marble & granite wax stripper

  • Marble wax water based stripper
  •  is a top quality German, highly alkaline Marble & granite wax Stripper.
  •  removes wax , epoxy or polyurethane isolating covering layers on the surface of marble.
  •  cleans marble surface & inhibits any bacterial or microbial growth due to the high alkalinity of the product


The best usage ( Striper )

  •  Use hand gloves before usage. Stripo marble wax stripper is a ready to use water based highly alkaline product.
  •  is best used by a single-disc machine under high friction mechanical power.


Pack Size

1 Liter (Marble & granite wax stripper)

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