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Liquid main wash Detergent

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Pack size : 20 Liter (Liquid main wash Detergent)

Liquid main wash Detergent


  •  One shot perfumed detergent soap liquid for natural, semi synthetic full synthetic fabrics
  •  is a top German viscous one shot liquid detergent soap for all types of fabrics weather natural, semi synthetic or fully
  •  detergent liquid soap is highly reactive in all washing programs’ temperature weather (cold – warm – hot) & in all water
    conditions weather soft or hard water.
  •  detergent liquid soap has highly potent detergency power for cotton, wool, silk& polyester fabrics.

The best usage Safety Foamless

  •  is added one shot in the washing machine, during main washing cycles at low water level & temperature ranges from 35 –
  •  Unifabricais added 2-5 ml per each kilogram weight of dry linen or fabrics before loading.


Pack Size

20 Liter (Liquid main wash Detergent)

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