Safety Emuls


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Highly conc.Surfactant Booster

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Pack size : 1 Liter (Highly conc.Surfactant Booster)

Highly conc.Surfactant Booster


  •  Concentrated liquid emulsifier for greasy, oily, organic stains special for tissues fabrics
  •  is a top liquid German quality
  •  Formula.
  •  is safe for use and environmental friendly.
  •  is a concentrated emulsifier for immediate dissolution of organic & all oily spots from fabrics.
  • is not affected by water hardness & reactively penetrates tissue fibers.
  •  is supported by peptidases for removal of proteinaceous spots.

• The best usage ( Safety Emuls )

  • is added in the prewashing cycles of mechanical or hand washing machines.
  • 2-5 ml per each kilogram dry weight of fabrics depending on sorting types before loading.


Pack Size

1 Liter (Highly conc.Surfactant Booster)

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