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powder one shot Detergent

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Pack size : 10 KG (powder one shot Detergent)

powder one shot Detergent


  • Low foam one shot detergent soap powder for mechanical washing
  •  is a one shot low foam detergent powder, for all levels of soil in linen & fabrics weather (low –medium or highly
    soiled linen).
  •  formula contains, builders, degreasers, oxygen bleaching (ecofriendly) low phosphate, no foaming agents,
    enzymes for super detergency power formula (All In One).
  •  detergent is efficient for removal all types of spots &dirt weather was sorting levels (low – medium –high).
  •  powder is not affected by water hardness.
  •  saves time, effort money (cost –effective).
  •  is a top German quality
  •  Formula.
  •  Powderis safe for use and environmental friendly


• The best usage ( Safety Detergent )

  •  is added to the initial rinse, flushing & prewashing cycles of mechanical washing programs on a high water level
    on water normal temperature.
  • Dose: 2-4 gm powder per each kilogram dry linen weight before loading.


Pack Size

10 KG (powder one shot Detergent)

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