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Luxury Hand Lotion

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Pack size :  1 Liter (Luxury Hand Lotion)

Luxury Hand Lotion

Liquid hand soap with different colors & scents

  •  is a top German hand & palm detergent formula for cleaning organic dirt from hands with glycerin emollient that
    refreshes skin of the hand with various colors, textures & odors.
  •  is concentrated hand soap, which is ready to use & compatible with the PH of the skin of hands.
  •  is a rejuvenating agent & helps skin of the hand to regenerate new epidermal skin cells safely.

The best usage (Hygienica)

  •  hand soap is a concentrated ready to use hand detergent with emollients & natural ecofriendly palm skin
    rejuvenating agent.
  •  is used by Hygienica Egypt specific & metered dose (1 mille Lt) drop for maximum cost controls & saving.


Pack Size

1 Liter (Luxury Hand Lotion)

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