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Material soaking stainless

Code : F 7

Pack size : 1 Liter (Material soaking stainless)

Material soaking stainless

  •  Carbonated fat degreaser
  •  is a top German carbonated fats & oils degreasing agent, Fast Soak is a stainless – Steel Cazerol
    degreasing agent in hot water with low foaming characters.
  •  efficiently degreases carbonated fats from stainless – steel pots tray all stainless utensils.
  •  is a potent highly alkaline powder, with low foam detergents for complete removal & cleaning stainless –
    steel food surfaces from toxic carbonated fats or organic food wastes for maximum food safety preparations

• The best usage (Fast Soak)

  •  Fast Soak is dissolute as 250 grams powder per every 10 liters of hot water at 90oc.
    After total dissolution of
  •  Fast Soak in the dipping bowel, an exothermic reaction happens, then soak all stainless –steel.
  • Steel pots & utensil for at least 20 minutes.
  •  After total degreasing by Fast Soak pick all metal pots out, then detergent wash, rinse & sanitize in the
    three wells’ bowel.
  •  Finally, keep stainless pots upside down for complete dryness.

F 7

Pack Size

1 Liter (Material soaking stainless)

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