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Powder Drain Opener
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Pack size : 1 KG (Powder Drain Opener)

Powder Drain Opener

  •  Drying & Sanitizer solution for final rinse cycles on dishwashers.
  •  is a top German formula for drainage de– blocking, prevents fats deposition on pipes.
  •  is a highly potent alkaline granules (PH=14) environmental recommended for de-blocker & sanitizing all drainage
    pathway in the kitchen.
  •  prevents the blocking of condensate fats on the inner wall of pipes &dissolute lipids to prevent the deposition &
    enhances drainage .In addition Sani -Drain daily usage ensure maximum pest control against insects infestations &
    rats that feed on these deposited fats.

• The best usage ( Fast Drain )

  •  Fast Drain granules is a top German formula has the maximum alkalinity, PH value = 14 & recommended for
    the user to wear all personal protective equipment (P.P.E) before usage.
    Dry, all cold water well from drainage pathway before usage by a mob, until pathway is dry.

• For daily, hygiene practice of drainage: –

  • Add 50 gm of Fast Drain granules on each drainage hole or on a distance of 1 meter successfully on drainage
    grills, then pour 4 liters of boiling water (100o
    c) directly.

• For de – blocking of drainage: –

  • Doubling the dose of Fast Drain to be 100 gm of granules on each drainage (as above) then pour 4 liters of
    boiling water on.

F 6

Pack Size

1 KG (Powder Drain Opener)

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