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Powder Destainer

Code : F 8

Pack size : 1 Liter (Powder Destainer)

Powder Destainer

Basal powder chlorine sanitizer for all Decontamination ‘purposes in Kitchens

  •  is a German formula basal chlorine high level disinfectant halogen powder.
  •  dissolve s in soft & moderately hard water.
  •  is a top disinfectant compatible for all dishwashers & glass washers types.
  •  basal chlorine solution absorbs all offensive odors generated from fungal or bacterial fermentations.
  •  basal chlorine prevents direct& indirect microbial cross contaminations in kitchen.

• The best usage ( Fast Deep It )

  •  In a stain less – Steel dipping bowel, start heating water till 80 -85o
    c first by its thermostat.
  •  Dissolve 250 gm Fast Deep It oxygenic dipping powder in 20 liter of hot water at 85o
    c temperature.
  •  Soak all kitchenware items for dipping at least 15 minutes expect silverware that soaked for 5 minutes only in
    special rack, then pick out silverware & wash them by cold water& ice immediately.
  •  Then pick out all soaked items from Fast Deep It solution& rack them in a dishwasher immediately.

F 8

Pack Size

1 Liter (Powder Destainer)

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