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General – Purpose Cleaner

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Pack size : 1 Liter (General – Purpose Cleaner)

General – Purpose Cleaner

  •  High quality alkaline detergents for all purpose cleaning tasks
  •  is a top German concentrated liquid alkaline detergent for all purpose cleaning tasks in kitchens& housekeeping
    routine cleaning schedules.
  •  contains high quality wetting agents that easily remove all, oily, greasy all organic dirt from washable surfaces.
  •  keeps the surface clean to prevent any biological hazards in kitchen & housekeeping, safely.

The best usage (Fast Clean)

  •  Wear gloves masks, apron& eyes goggles.
  •  Dilute Fast Clean up to liter over 7 liters of warm& clean water.
  •  Wash all organic wastes with the potent Fast Clean all-purpose detergent to remove all oily, greasy organic
    spots from any surface, safely.
  •  Rinse the surface with water after Wash & dry with a clean paper towel

F 1

Pack Size

1 Liter (General – Purpose Cleaner)

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