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Lime Scale Removal For Periodical Use

Code : F 5

Pack size : 1 Liter (Lime Scale Removal For Periodical Use)

Lime Scale Removal For Periodical Use

Acidic detergent removes deposited salts, calcifications & rust

  •  is a top German liquid acidic detergent Environmentally friendly formula.
  •  technology is supported by protective anticorrosive agents to prevent stainless-steel damage.
  •  provides polishing characteristics for nickel chrome & metallic plated connections & mixers in kitchens.
  •  removes hazardous salts, calcification & Rusty chemical toxins immediately.
  •  is antifungal & antimicrobial agent preventing cross contamination to foods
  •  is an excellent acidic decalcification detergent for heaters & dishwashers maintenance cycles.

• The best usage (Fast Calls)

  •  Wear hand gloves, masks & eye goggles.
  •  Spray Fast Calls R directly to the scaly surfaces or soak the calcified heaters to remove white scales isolating the
    heater in Fast Calls R solution for 3 minutes
  •  Fast Calls R is added to each tank of the dishwashers or glass washers for descaling maintenance cycles (on
    empty washing tank) without alkaline detergents.
  •  Spray Fast Calls directly on the inner & outer walls of the dishwasher & glass washers to remove rust &
    calcification immediately

F 5

Pack Size

1 Liter (Lime Scale Removal For Periodical Use)

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