Elctro Cleaner


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Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration

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Pack size : 600 ML (Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration)

Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration

  •  Electronic devices volatile nonconductive ,cleaner& disinfectant
  •  is a unique highly competitive German chemical formula acting as an electronics’ volatile cleanser &sanitizer ( two in
    one)with a characteristic free rinse feature.
  •  is helpful for cleaning electronic devices that caught by hand like telephones ,TVs monitors ,radio ,locker .LCDs , lab
    tops …….. Etc. Which’s impossibly cleaned by ordinary water & soap?
  •  efficiently prevents cross contaminated from hands to electronics, hence providing a hygienic environments inside
    guest rooms.
  •  is free from pork fats.

The best usage ( Elctro Cleaner )

  •  is for external use only.
  •  is a top German ready to use cleanser & sanitizer spray, (2 in1) formula that is volatile & free rinse for cleaning &
    disinfecting electronic devices, monitors , remote controls telephones, soundest …….
  • doesn’t conduct electricity & used in a prestigious sprayer of Hygienica Egypt


Pack Size

600 ML (Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration)

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