Dish Soap


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Dish Soap

Code : F 9

Pack size : 1 Liter (Liquid Machine Ware- Washing Detergent)

Dish Soap


  • Dishwasher &Glass washer highly alkaline detergent.
  •  is highly alkaline, German quality, dishwashers & glass washer’s detergent, with strong alkalinity acting as
    bacteriostatic agent.
  •  is for chinaware &glassware’ complete hygiene.
  •  is has super detergency power during main washing cycles at 60 degrees C.

• The best usage ( Dish Soap )

  • is used through Clean Tec International electronic pumps & also can be used manually.
  •  is a ready to use dishwasher & glass washer detergent that never mixed with any other chemicals, except water.
  •  is pumped during the main washing cycles only at 60o
    c temperature.

F 9

Pack Size

1 Liter (Liquid Machine Ware- Washing Detergent)

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