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Copper polisher Cream

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Pack size : 600 ML (Copper polisher Cream)

Copper polisher Cream

Copper polisher, isolated & cleaner

  • is a high quality German cream that cleans polishes & isolates copper for long term shiny & brighter appearance.
  • ┬áis specialized for prohibiting the oxidation layer on copper which is toxic, for safer & healthy environment.
  • ┬áisolates the surface of copper against humidity & temperature to allow water & detergent cleaning after
    application of Brasset.
  • is odor free & environmental friendly


The best usage (Copper)

  • Copper cream is a top German quality chemical formula for cleaning& isolating copper , that is ready to use apply
    few Brasset cream twice weekly amount of Copper on a clean specific copper tissue & rub the surface of cooper
    after dusting . To get a shiny & bright appearance of copper, Brasset allows water & detergent cleaning after
    application &isolates copper for long time.


Pack Size

600 ML (Copper polisher Cream)

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