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Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration

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Pack size : 1 Liter (Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration)

Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration

  •  polish & cleaner for food preparation surfaces
  •  is a top German stainless steel polisher, cleaner & sanitizer, (3 in 1).
  •  is supported by electrostatic charges ‘ inhibitors. To prevent dust & dirt depositions on stainless food preparation’ surfaces
  •  shines stainless steel surfaces, cleans & isolates at the same time.
  •  dries rapidly to facilitate stainless-steel surfaces’ cleaning, disinfection & long term maintenance.

• The best usage ( Stainless Polish )

  • is a ready to use spray form stainless-steel food preparation’ surfaces polisher, cleaner & isolator.
  •  Dust the surface of stainless steel well.
  •  Shake the oily spray well. Then apply two bluffs of Stainless Polish safely on food preparation stainless steel surfaces.
  •  Spread & wipe Stainless Polish directly with a clean paper towel to obtain a shiny & hygienic stainless steel appearance
    prevents cross contaminations to food.


Pack Size

1 Liter (Chlorine flooring at 15% concentration)

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